“YouTube Channel”

My Youtube Channel follows my journey through recovery, after my near death addiction. Follow me as I explore my new world without drugs or alcohol. Every day is truly a blessing and I treat my life that way now. 4 Overdoses, 3 Armed Robberies, 2 High Speed Chases, 1 Life Left To Live.

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“I’ve been studying my whole life for this”

Biking on Saturday 3.13.21 “On a BIKE, down by the river”

The 9th of March. Black Earth Creek

SoberSteveRecovery youtube channel.                   

Sharing my story to save lives.

Ride the spinner all winter in Wisconsin.

Better than biking to the dope man…..

I missed skiing, I was good.

Last run of the night.

it’s a BlindAppLe 🍏 Production

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