Steven Joseph

Flash back to May of 2015, I was a homeless panhandler on the streets of Milwaukee, and weighed 146 lbs. Fast forward 6 years and I am now a father, a student at Grand Canyon University studying the Psychology of Addicton, and an extremely active member in the recovery community. I grew up in the city and I was just a normal kid trying to navigate the world. Life and my decision making lead me to a life of addicton. I spent 13 years addicted to heroin and I was known as a chronic relapser. I spent so much time in jails and rehabs that I really thought that was going to be it for my life. Life has never been how I imagined and that seems like it’s going to continue to be a mystery. The difference this time though is that I’m on a mission in more ways than one and I finally have goals and a vision for my future.

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Peace. ☮️

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Lol, right.

I was in rehab about 40 different times, always liked the Brandon Novak video.

51 years, that is a long time.

To destroy the stigma. While we educate, inspire and encourage. Let’s save lives.

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