“Thank You MJ”

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Hustling on the streets of a city that isn’t that big, only 600,000 in the city limits, but as dangerous as it gets. We are only 90 miles north of Chicago and definitely have our share of shootings and armed robberies. I used to tell people I was from WIsconsin, and they would think, “with the cows and the cheese” and brats too I would say. Of course, but we also had Chicago people, Chicago Violence and Chicago drugs. Milwaukee is just a big suburb of Chicago that is just in a different state. I started selling a good amount of drugs from 06’ until the end of 08’ and then the beginning of 09’ I was raided. That’s another story. I was in a pretty cool position back then when it came to the business model. I was a mess when it came to life, school, day to day, hygiene, and direction. But the business model allowed me to get fronted anything that I wanted and I was able to just make a profit and never really have to warehouse drugs or keep drugs on me for too long. Everything that I had I would sell and just make the money, it was too easy not too and I assumed very little risk at the time. 

Well so I thought. And like everything that was going on at that time it was crazy. I had been doing heroin everyday at that point and really had no clue what was around the corner next. One early afternoon my buddy that I had known for a solid two years told me he had someone that wanted some weed. Was a typical request, seemed harmless enough. I called the weed man, and my friend called the guy that wanted the weed. A few people showed up and they just wanted to see the weed and had money. Well this is my apartment, for one, I never really had people come here unless it was friends of friends and I trusted it. Well he had brought so many people from his home town to me that I thought it was just more regular college kids. I didn’t know that he had only met them once and had smoked one bowl with them ever.

Now he’s telling them to come to my apartment where I sleep with the girlfriend and MJ. Well they had no money and in a really weird turn of events they would leave and come back about five times over the next 3 hours and still had no money and each time they asked for a little bit more weed. Now mind you, I still thought they were my buddies’ good friends so I was being patient with them and I could get any amount so anything they said was possible so we just were waiting to see the money. We went back and forth for hours and at one point they said something dumb like they wanted to put the weed in there coat so they could show the “girl” who wanted it. I just wanted to see the money, we had already wasted so much time. Anyway, eventually they left for the last time. I didn’t make a sale at all, and my buddy that could get the weed left. I was talking to my buddy who knows the kids and found out that he didn’t know them at all and I actually snapped at the dude and kicked him out of my apartment.

Later that night I was just chillen with the girlfriend and MJ and all of a sudden my alarm buzzed. I had a million clients and some rang the buzzer, so I asked who it was. And they said “hey were back we have the money.” Now they had come back more than 5 times and didnt have the money so I didn’t really believe them. So instead of just buzzing them in like I had been. I had no one else there, it was just me and the family at the time. From my second floor apartment I went to the front of the building where we had a balcony. I saw one of the kids with another guy I had not seen before. He said he was the brother of the girl who wanted the weed. I was yelling down to them about not having weed anymore and how everyone left cause they fucked it up. I didn’t see anyone around but I still prefer not to scream off the balcony about my weed selling habits. I decided I would walk down stairs by myself and approach them both and just say that it was over and I would try in the morning,

As I got down the stairs and was opening the door, I saw the two guys approaching the door and out of my peripheral I saw two other men step into the doorway wearing all black. From out of nowhere a chromed out .45 was pointed right at the middle of my forehead. “Where is the weed at motherfucker?” he said. “You’re not gonna shoot me motherfucker” I said back. Except we both didn’t say motherfucker…. As I finished those words I turned around and as fast as I ever could I hit the stairs and got around the staircase pretty quick. I was always pretty fast at doing stairs but I also never was running for my life. By the time I made it to the top of the staircase I didn’t want to look behind me, I still had to get to my door, open it and get it closed and locked before the four of them pushed the door in. I vowed to myself that after the first armed robbery, that’s a different story, that the next time someone pulled a gun I was going to make them shoot me. Bummer for these 4 black guys because this white boy was not afraid to die at that point. 

I finally got to my door, which seemed like it took forever. I had got the door open and was inside. I really moved as quickly as I could. A million things ran through my mind about what might happen if they got into our apartment. Besides robbing everything, that was the least of my worries. I had a beautiful girlfriend, MJ and a lot of valuable things around my apartment. This could  be so bad if I don’t get this door closed and locked before they are able to get in. As I opened the door and fluidly got inside, I remember thinking, I couldn’t have done that better or faster if I tried. I was slamming the door and right as I slammed the door shut. 

A foot pops into the doorway stopping it from closing. As the foot made first contact with the door, I was thinking fuck. At that same fuck split second the hand with the gun came into view through the door way. It was a matter of a second before the four of the them would push the door open and my life would be flipped upside down, would they shoot me, would they rob us, would they rape her. I didn’t want to know or find out. Then. The.Craziest thing happened.

Our puppy that we only had for about 6 months at this point ended up barking viciously. 

Now MaryJane was the cutest dog ever and we never really had anyone around her that would make her aggressive. I did have her wrestle other dogs that my friends had just for fun. But we never saw MJ bark like that and instantly the gun and foot no longer were in the doorway. I was able to slam the door shut and lock it. I don’t know what would or could have happened, I just know because of MaryJane, nothing happened and she possibly saved our lives. I thought that was a pretty crazy story and I really wanted to share more about MJ with everyone. A lot of my time we spent with MJ because I didn’t work, so we really did have a bond. She could tell the situation was not right and definitely stook up for me. What a perfect doggie. I feel sad everyday about what happened to her. I miss MaryJane.

2011: inside, was by Brady St. on the Eastside; outside, is Wausau, the summer before she was killed

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It was a home birth on the Eastside of Milwaukee on September, 11th 1987. I have lived all over Wisconsin, and even lived in Florida for a year. UW-MILWAUKEE is where I studied Journalism and History and I eventually switched my major to Environmental Science. My love for the planet equals my love for humanity and now I am focused on finishing up a degree in Addiction Counseling because I just want to help. Continuing school until I have a PhD so I can teach which is my long term goal. Everything I do is to be better for my son. Hopefully we can save some lives as well. ☮️ ❤️ ♾️

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  1. Thanks for reaching out to me and good luck with your addiction studies. I am finishing up my CDCA 30 hrs left to complete to get my State of Ohio License.


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