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My Name Is Steve and I have struggled with Addiction for 18 years, mainly Opiate Dependency for 13 years, but I have been clean since December 5th, 2020. I got clean during COVID!! Follow my journey as I share how I fought for my life, struggled through many days, and strived to create a better life for myself. I felt destined for a better life, and I knew that I was worthy of more out of life. I wound up homeless, panhandling and living in an abandoned garage in a bad area of the city, and I never thought that would be my life. I was charged with 7 criminal cases in 6 counties in 12 days in October of 2012. In 2013 I almost lost my left arm once, and till this day, since that same year, I still have a broken off piece of metal needle stuck in my arm. I have so many crazy, wild and unbelievable stories that I will end up sharing with you. I’m not into drug stories (war stories), but these are just good stories I have tried every drug under the sun and to the absolute extreme and I even sold a lot of drugs during my reign. I struggled with heroin addiction for too long and I have finally found a way that worked for me to get clean, and I figured out all of the work I need to do to stay clean. Working every day to help others get and stay sober.

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Mental Health is not talked about enough!

“The opposite of addiction, is connection.”

“i have had 42 friends pass away.”- I’ll be 33.5 on 3/11/21

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My Goal

Addiction has never fit my life plan and
everyday is a battle but if sharing my story can save just one life then it was all worth it. Addiction is so misunderstood and I hope to destroy the stigma behind those of us who struggle everyday. I have tried so hard to express myself and to get people to listen to me when it comes to why I am the way I am. Well. Now there is no more wondering.
Being in such a dark place for so long I never felt like I was ever going to make it out alive. A day clean seemed like too much. I hope my story encourages those to keep trying, never give up, know your worth and believe they truly are worth a better life.
It took a long time and it still isn’t easy but I found a new way to live and I’d like to take you on a journey through my life.
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Lost Without Direction

Time goes by so fast, and I was done wasting time, I have been on a mission ever since and I myself, cannot even believe I am even here. I have been through so much in my life already and it really is made for a movie. Well at least a Lifetime movie but it…

Progress Not Perfection

As my life evolves into something I could never have imagined even a year ago, I truly am thankful everyday for the life I created for myself. I knew that I deserved more and I always knew that I was destined for something far better than the way I was living. I remember biking to…

“Started From the Bottom Now Im Here”

I have been through rehab more times than I can count and a lot of the time it felt like the movie groundhog day where I just was reliving my cycle of addiction. In and out of rehabs and jails and back on the streets with a needle in my arm. Life was basically a…

“Create A Life Worth Living”

I have been trying to get clean for over a decade, I wanted to get clean, I needed to get clean, and I knew life would be better if I got clean. But, the addiction does not care what I wanted, I was obsessed with heroin and escaping life which seemed like how my life…

‘Crawfish ‘n the Bayou’

“This is supposed to be a road, trip. All we’re doing is driving all the time.” It was my cousin’s graduation from high school and I went to California for a trip with my dad and step mom. 52 hours in Cali and that was it in 13 years…. That was my first trip anywhere…

“Getting Clean During Covid-19”

Coronavirus- Covid-19- Corona- Rona- the vid Getting clean during the Pandemic: It was about August of 2008 that I really started to realize I was physically addicted to heroin. I had been using since April of 2008 and pretty much right away my family was notified by some friends about what I was doing but…

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“The Obsession”

Imagine the Colorado River, slowly carving what we know as the Grand Canyon into the desert of the Southeastern United States. The cliffs of the Canyon being so dangerous and steep. I was with my brother and we had quite a scare one year at the Grand Canyon, but that is a different story. Let’s…

“Like Pieces to a Recovery Puzzle”

      For so long I really thought I was a lost cause when it came to getting off of heroin. When it came to living a normal life that didn’t revolve around using drugs. It was an obsession every minute of every day and even though I had all of the tools to grow past…

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